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Procedure to follow if you have your Armour or T3 stopped
Written by Dawn   
Wednesday, 15 April 2009

We are updating this to say, we have had reports from members saying they are now being told by their drs that they can no longer have NDTs on NHS prescription due to new policy, but will prescribe on private prescrption.

As Thyroid Disease Patients are entitled to free medicines by law we will be investigating why this has happened. No dr has yet produced the details of this policy as proof and we advise that if you are told this, that you ask for a copy, write to the practice and PCT stating you require this and are unhappy with this course of action, and also your MP.

If you require any help with letters then contact us. Also follow the steps listed below if you are forced to go back on synthetics

 Dawn 28/05/2010

Following the RCP statement stating that Thyroxine is the only medication to be taken if you have hypothyroidism, we have been taking advice over what to do if you are currently on natural dessicated thyroid or T3 for treatment and are taken off it to prepare a case for possible medical negligence if you became ill again

Firstly ask your Dr for a copy of the letter he has been sent telling him he can't prescribe them any more, and suggest it is placed on your records, for his/hers protection as much as yours.

Ask a for a note to be placed on your files stating you are unhappy with this course of action, will take thyroxine unwillingly and you feel it is a breach of your medical care making it clear that if you become ill again then you may sue for medical negligence

Ask for a baseline blood test to be done of all Thyroid tests, including FT4, FT3 and antibodies, hormone and cholesterol levels, ferritin, folate, Vit D and B12. This is so that any blood changes will be documented in the event you have an adverse reaction to the thyroxine, also a weight, bp and fully body measurement. All this to be documented on your files

Have these retested on occasion so you are monitored for any changes in health with the bloods to back it up

We would also suggest a trip to the hairdressers, which may sound odd but as we know the hair is affected and those folks are well placed to notice and document changes and get a written statement to it's condition.

Keep a diary or a note of any return or worsening of symptoms

If you have your medication stopped then also let us know so we can prepare a list of affected folks

We sincerely hope it won't come to this for anyone but feel we have to be prepared at the outset and without initial records it would be hard to prove negligence

Last Updated ( Sunday, 30 May 2010 )
Welcome to
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 07 March 2006
Welcome ...

to our thyroid site where you will find information on how to seek help with and manage your illness. is a not for profit voluntary organisation set up to help people find out more about thyroid disease and related conditions and speak to others via our forum who may be in the same position.Much of it at the moment is a collection of links found during my search for relief from the many factors of this illness. If you have any links you feel would be a useful addition to the site you can add them to the links section by registering with us in the left hand column and following the instructions. Also please feel free to tell me if any of these links are no longer working.

We do not charge for membership or information and do not get funding from any sources other than from donations and schemes we have set up such as our search engine which we encourage members to use to help us fund the site

Also please feel free to pop into our forum and join in the discussions. The usual no flaming etc rules apply.  

Please note all external links on the site open in a new page so you may need to enable pop ups


Many thanks to my pal Andrew for the cartoons on the site.  I hope you like them.  Also, many many thanks to the other Andrew for wanting to learn how to do CMS and building this site for me!  I promise I won't break it when you let me loose behind the scenes. Wink



Last Updated ( Wednesday, 06 May 2009 )
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