Author Topic: Is it ever ok to have a TSH of 0.03?  (Read 9664 times)

January 25, 2012, 05:06:46 pm
 I phoned my new Doc for my blood results, and the receptionist told me my TSH is too low. 0.03, and to cut my meds down.
I take thyroid s from Thailand. Doc thinks I take levo.
I have cut down in the past and before long start to get hypo symptoms. ( depression..weight gain...foggy.)
I feel sort of ok at the moment. Not perfect, but I've sort of given up on that!
Dont really know where to go from here. I'm picking up the results tommorrow. The Doc ran a thourough set of tests. I dont know the other results yet.
I just know this Doctor seems more willing to listen then most, but I know cutting down isnt the answer.

January 25, 2012, 05:26:07 pm
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What have you had tested angie?

Dr Toft says that your TSH can be supressed, your Free T4 can be higher than range IF you feel well and your Free T3 is still in range.

Is there any way you could get a hold of a copy of his book to show your gp, just in case he gets a bit arsey?

I got mine in my local chemist, maybe they sell it in yours.

Yorky xxx

Diagnosed with Graves disease Oct '08, came off medication 14th April 2010.
Finally diagnosed hypothyroid 15th Nov '10.
Diagnosed Pre Diabetic 30th July 2013.

January 25, 2012, 06:59:29 pm
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HI angie I have had a TSH of 0.02 and never was asked to reduce my dose again your doc just reads paper guidelines and not how you feel ........... I would stay on what you feel best on ........ your next bloods you can guarantee will be different again .......... I think we know ourselves when we feel best   

                        love anita H xx
anita H

January 25, 2012, 07:39:08 pm
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When my son's readings came back as TSH  0.03  and T4 19 his endo said      'PERFECT'


January 25, 2012, 07:52:39 pm
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Thanks. That reassures me.
One more thing I worry about. When they gave me a scan with a long name,( sorry!)they discovered 3 breaks in my spine. So I later had a bone density test and I have osteoporosis. So...Is that somhow conected to a low TSH?

January 25, 2012, 08:07:26 pm
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If you're taking natural dessicated thyroid, then your TSH will be suppressed.  You're getting the T4 and T3 you need in the NDT so there's no need for the pituitary to get all excited and stimulate the thyroid.

The problem comes when your doc runs tests and gets a result like that and thinks you're hyper, because he thinks the levo he's prescribed, that you're not taking, is too much.  Can you make a full confession?

They always get very excited about bone damage, but my TSH is suppressed because I am on T3 and my bones are fine.  Luck of the draw I think.


January 25, 2012, 08:38:55 pm
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I have read before that being hypo can have a bad effect on your bones, sorry I don't have a link.

Certainly being low on Vit D can have a bad effect on bones (many hypo people are low in this) and anyone who has had Grave's in the past is at risk of osteoparosis.  I don't think it is quite as simple as very low TSH=osteoporosis!

I believe there are drugs that can be given to help stop osteoporosis getting worse, I hope these have been discussed with you? and calcium and vit D status blood tests done?  TSH is only part of the picture!

March 15, 2012, 08:19:01 pm
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I'm sorry that this is a rather late response to the original query   ...... but it may, at least, be helpful to others ...

1) If you are worried by low TSH assays, the following recent research may offer you some reassurance:

2) If your doctor is similarly worried, likewise!

3) The OP (original post) implies that she is taking other than straight T4 (Levothyroxine) ... if you are taking thyroid hormone relacement containing T3 (for instance, natural desiccated thyroid e.g. Armour Thyroid), it is very unwise to take a dose not long before your blood test - T3 is much faster-acting than T4, and if you do  .... you are quite likely to see unrealistically high T3 and low TSH results  ..... leading to quite unnecessary alarm and despondency if your poor doctor thinks you are taking just T4!  ;-)

4) To the OP, I find it very worrying that you might feel any need to fool your doctor - if, for whatever reason, you feel unable to confide fully, you need to get another doctor ASAP.   You do have that choice, and if you fail to use it you may do yourself (and your doctor) grave disservice.

March 16, 2012, 12:02:40 pm
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Hi Nemesis,

Come and introduce yourself to us all  :-h
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Please take a look at the Thyroid FAQs -

March 16, 2012, 05:40:37 pm
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my tsh ahs hovered around that since I was first on meds, but my ft4 is consistenly lower than half the range and I've increased when I;ve felt I needed to without the tsh lowering further,

so whenever my docs freak I just point to the FT4 reading, explain that on ndt's the tsh is suppressed and if I reduce and feel worse are they prepared for to me to say i told you so, funnily enough they don't force teh issue

March 16, 2012, 08:09:12 pm
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Hi Ladies,

My TSH has been 00.02 for around four years, I discussed it a lot with my doctor and told him I felt much better at this level.  I left  him a lot of literature showing that it was fine to have a suppressed TSH and he has been o.k. about it.

I have been classed as type 2 diabetic for about five years without medication and when I had the diabetes blood test form with my repeat prescription in February, it also had thyroid test on it. As I knew I would be seeing the diabetic nurse and not my doctor, I was a bit naughty and cut down my thyroxin for about a week.  My TSH came back as 00.35.

I was called in to see the diabetic nurse and was told that my blood sugar had rocketed since I was last tested and now needed to take tablets for diabetes.

I may be wrong, but I seem to remember that this has happened before when I have lowered my thyroxin and was wondering if anyone else with type 2 diabetes had noticed this