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thyroxine sensitivity

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Hi Ang and so interesting to read your comment. As you say, everyone says there are no side effects and yet they are listed in black and white. You are also told to tell your drs straight away if you have any probs - well i did and I was told the same as you - how unusual it was and they'd never come across it before .. don't they look at the internet or forums such as this?
Have you tried liquid thyroxine? really for babies but my gp and pharmacist sourced it for me after I looked it up on internet.
When you said it wasn't enough for you, did you mean by the way you felt or by the blood test results?

This is a P.S. to Barbara - when I stated 1ml = 5mg it should , of course, have been mcg. I have been brave today and am trying 1.5ml as by the way I am feeling I am not getting enough and also my latest blood test shows TSH is 20. Here we go again!

Hi Lizzie, Wow, where to start first!!  Not complaining, I was exactly the same when I first started researching thyroid problems, I had so many questions Ė the hard part was remembering anything when my brain was so bad.  ^!!c  Right, Iíll work through your post & try to answer them in the same order but Iíll probably go off at a tangent somewhere so bear with me.

Poor you, you seem to be even more sensitive than I was and that was bad enough.  Your consultant seems sympathetic anyway so that will be a big help to you.  My endo was anything but.  :( Itís a long story but eventually I went to see a private doc in 2002 who tried me on Armour thyroid.  This helped a lot but I had to increase it extremely slowly, getting up to one grain over 4 months.  I started to get overactive symptoms again when I tried increasing it past there so he added T3, again I had to increase this slowly up to one tablet (20mcg, although I now take slightly more).  I now get these on the NHS from my GP.  xxb!x  You might find that trying T3 again but in much smaller doses would help you, 20 to 40mcg is quite a hefty amount for starters especially as you are so sensitive to T4, worth discussing with your doc when you next see him.

I think that adrenal problems were partly the cause of my problems together with a conversion problem from T4 to T3.  My NHS adrenal tests were ok but they usually only pick up cases of severe adrenal malfunction.  My private doc likened the synacthen test to someone very frail and doddery who can hardly move around being hit by a double decker bus.  That person will then move, even if itís just through the air!  He said the adrenals are the same, if they are Ďhití with a drug that stimulates them into action, i.e. synacthen test then, unless they are really on their last legs (as in Addisonís disease) they will rally at the time and pass the test.  It doesnít pick up cases of low adrenal reserve which is rarely recognised in the NHS but which many of us have as a consequence of being hypothyroid for a considerable length of time before diagnosis.  If you do a google for Ďsynacthen testí you will find some info, there is a short one and a longer one depending on what your doc has decided you need.
Re cholesterol, like Dawn, mine normalised from 7.5 to 4.9, but is about 5.5 now (I really must cut out those crisps!), when my thyroid was stabilised on correct meds. 

Yes, Iím in the UK, in Northumberland.  My life was on hold too, I lost almost 20 years out of my life.  My husband did everything in the house when I was really ill & still helps bless him.  Iím now 90% recovered, I work part-time, go for long walks again and I feel well most of the time.  In short it is possible to get your life back, you might have to fight for it as I had to but it was certainly worth it!  If you go to the local support group page for the North-East on the main site and click on my name at the bottom of the page there is a (very) small part of my story there.  Iíll try to put the link with my name at the bottom of this post too but donít know if it will work as Iím not very good at this!

Barbara That didn't work, ^!!c try this instead:

Hi everyone and here's to a happy and healthier new year for us all
your info was very interesting. I looked at the amounts of Armour and found that the levels could vary by quite a lot for me. At present I am taking 1.55 ml of thyroxine. 1ml is = to 5mcg so it looks as though this is a no no. My GP was great though and said lets not rule it out for the future but lets exhaust the thyroxine option first. Also I think the level I'd require was about one eight of a grain - bit tricky to cut I should think!
I found a useful website re: cholesterol as mine had gone up with thryoid - it is - v.helpful advice. Another thing, am I on the right area for this chit-chat now or should I be on the hypo section? If so, please be clever and transfer for me?!?

Hi Lizzie

I wonder if you had your adrenal test by now. Was it a 250mcg synacthen test?  I had it and the result was normal, still I cannot tolerate thyroxine. There is a low dose (1mcg) synacthen test which is apparently more sensitive (haven't done it, will try to convince the endo next time).

I wander how is your tolerance of thyroxine by now. Are you on a "normal" dose now?  It is few months after your post here. Could you please let me know?

many thanks


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