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Adrenal Exhaustion and hypothyroidism

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Hi there,  my name is Carrie and I am new to forums so finding this a bit confusing.  I have just been diagnosed 3 months ago with adrenal exhaustion and hypothyroidism.  I have had this for 38 years after having glandular fever as a child and am now 48. I have been diagnosed for the last 15 years with severe clinical depression and anxiety but I always new there was a physiological cause to what I have been experiencing.

I have been taking Nutri adrenal extra supplements for 2 to 3 months and still not feeling any better.  I discovered that I couldn't take T4 as not able to convert it and so am taking T3 25mcg a day which seems to make me very anxious in the evenings.

I am writing on the forum because I am trying to find out what I can do to help myself, and any information at all that anyone has that may help me understand what is going on with me and what I can expect, how long before I feel better and if I will get better, etc.  I would be grateful for any info at all.

One of the worst symptoms I have is the awful feelings I have in the early hours when still mostly asleep and when waking.  I feel terribly, terribly low, suicidal and it is just horrible.  Has anyone had this and does anyone know what is causing this and if I can do anything about it?

I have adrenal exhaustion and hypothyroidism and I am 49. I am under Dr. Peatfield and he advised Nutri Adrenal Extra and T3. I have recently been told to add Nutri Adrenal to the dose. I didn't find NAE amde a lot of difference (I am on 4 tablets) but I think I am slowlywh improving since my T3 dose was upped to 50mg. I have been treated for severe depression adn still feel depressed especially if things aren't good at work; I cannot shake off conflict. I have to admit to being suicidal at times too. I do find Dr Peatfiled very helpful - infinitely better than the gps in my local practice who can oly be charitably described as useless. I hope you feel better soom


Hi Yoyo

Thanks so much for your reply flow2.  I am under Dr Peatfield too. I will ask him on Wednesday about adding Nutri Adrenal and maybe upping T3, also other ways of healing the adrenals like liquorish and ginseng.  Do you think the depression is caused by the adrenal/thyroid situation?  I am so hoping this will be the answer [-o<


Hi there,

My experience of getting better from adrenal exhaustion, also under Dr P, has been very tiny but sure steps. As well as his recommendations, I have had to make life style changes, nothing dreadful, but getting more intune with what my body is telling me. But, I'm getting there, slowly. So don't give up too early if you're not starting to feel great straight away.

For me the connection to mental well being is definite, someithing I'm still working on. Not so much depression, but serious anxiety at times.

Do try and keep your expectations realistic, so that you avoid disappointment. It takes quite a while to exhaust the adrenals, so reasonably quite a while to treat them (Dr P's words, not mine, I'm not that clever!)

Take lots of care, good luck and good health.



I think it is likely that depression is caused by the thyroid/ adrenal issue. If you read the list of common symptoms depression is mentioned quite a lot. So far I have found following what Dr P advises to work well for me but it is a slow process and recovery will not occur overnight. I had a struggle initially with Armour and then T3 and Dr P had to keep stopping and restarting the thyroid medication due to low adrenal reserve. It seems to be working now and I am just having some moments of palpitations and light headedness during the day. It's obviously not perfect yet but has improved.



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