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May 19, 2010, 05:09:23 pm
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Mini update, found out last week (after having to wait 6 weeks for the result due to the lab losing the first test and the receptionists at my surgery not knowing they had the results) that I am vitamin D deficient.

<10 (Reference range 20-110) - should be at least 50, or over 75 when trying to prevent osteoporosis.

It's not surprising as I hardly ever get out of the house and when I do sit in the sun I am usually well wrapped up as I am always freezing cold.

Have been researching lots on it and am praying this might be the key to my fatigue, acne and muscle aches [-o<

Time will tell I guess! I've also been reading about the releationship between vitamin D and thyroid disease, all interesting stuff!

So when the sun shines, get out in it!  sun22 (safely of course!)

CCB. x
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May 19, 2010, 06:11:14 pm
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How weird!  Exactly the same thing happened to me last week!  My vitamin D level was 19 but my endo would like it to be 80+.  I too am hoping that this is the cause of all my aches and pains as well.  I am now on 200 mcg of Levo and 20 mcg of T4 daily and my last blood tests finally showed my thyroid function as close to normal, so I was expecting to feel a lot better but I don't.

My endo also told me to take 2 capsules of cod liver oil with my massive vitamin D dose because apparently this aids absorption.  I even got the sun bed out last night in an attempt to speed up my recovery!  I feel like I rattle now as I have to take 12 tablets a day!

I am so fed up with all this, I just want to feel 'normal' again instead of shuffling around like an old women!

Good luck with your treatment; do you know how long it takes to get your levels up?  I read somewhere that it was months rather than week?

May 19, 2010, 06:19:54 pm
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Oooh Pincushion, we're vitamin D twins  #:-S

COD LIVER OIL?! Oh no, my arch nemisis!!  :-&

Am seeing my GP tomorrow but ordered myself some D3 from Holland & Barrett and have been taking that - I think I feel a bit weird after I take it, but could be coincidence?? You notice anything like that? What dose have you been put on?

Yeah I think it takes months rather than weeks from what I am read too, ho hum! I will be trying a couple of sunbeds if the weather doesn't perk up on the South coast soon!

From what I have read it's actually closer to a hormone than a vitamin so I am sort of seeing it like thyroxine in that it's going to take a while to build it up and get working in the body again... patience was never my strong point but I am learning.

I used to have a sunbed about once a month when I was younger - I always felt really good and relaxed after it, now I know why!


PS - I'll remove your other post  sp017
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May 19, 2010, 06:57:08 pm
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I'm waiting for the result of my Vitamin D test, but having read about how common deficiency is, I've been taking 1,000 iu for three weeks anyway.  Don't feel any better, but I am moving much better and can sit on the floor cross legged for the first time in over 5 years - not for long, but it's a start.  I think there might be someting in this.  I've also got my fibro friend on it as she tested really low and GP didn't seem to know what to do about it (!)


May 19, 2010, 07:00:09 pm
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Hi CCB/ Pincushion/AN

I too have Vit D deficiency.  My results Nov 09 were 12.  I didn't get treated straight away by my endo.  He said it was "lower normal" - I did'nt know better at the time.  Next time I went and saw another endo he said that they should treat it at that level!

I take Adcal-D3 which is a calcium and vit d chewable tablet and is on prescription only.  I was told that over the counter vit D would not have done the trick.  Each tablet contains 1500 mg calcium carbonate Ph.Eur (equivalent to 600 mg calcium) and 400 iu vitamin D3 (equivalent to 10 micrograms of colecalciferol Ph.Eur.).  I take two a day.  You're supposed to space them out but because of the thyroxine and absorption problems I have to take the two together at night.

I have been taking these since January and I have to say that I feel better but only in the last couple of months (and with tweaking of my meds)(mind you I am having a blip at the moment - tired and aches - but this is part and parcel of thyroid probs!) so it does take a while.  I also found that when I first started I felt strange and dizzy, sick etc (I made a post titled Adcal D3 - but no-one replied :'() I also had major constipation - but i'm fine now.

I've got an endo appointment next week and have had bloods done already so I'll get to know vit D level.  I'll keep you posted.

Hope this helps and hope you feel better soon.


Kezkinz xxx
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May 19, 2010, 08:45:08 pm
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Did the endo test your calcium levels as well? I know it's a tight margin for calcium and being out of range either way can cause problems with numbness etc. My calcium has always been normal but I've been reading that it can be a false reading if the D is too low as it may be leaching from your bones  0002

My mum is meant to take Adcal-D3 too but it gives her lots of tummy problems - but if this wears off I will nag her to persist with it as she does need it.

I'm glad you mentioned that you felt sick and dizzy when first taking it as I've had this reaction to the D3 - but I will persist if it imporves - will be taking it at bedtime  sp017 Constipation would make a nice change for me  #:-S On a serious note I do wonder if that's where my IBS is coming from as thyroxine doesn't seem to have any effect.

So you're getting 5,600ui a week on that amount - I think I've read that you can take a lot more if deficient so will be really interesting to see your results! 

CCB. x
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May 19, 2010, 09:44:44 pm
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Adjusted calcium levels were 2.19 (Nov 09) and 2.18 (Jan 10), which again was told lower normal.  I do not know the reference range for the calcium however I had another blood test in March and the adjusted calicum was 2.26 - so I presume the Adcal is doing the job.

I also had a lot of tingling in my hands and feet which has now gone (this can be symptom of low calcium) but I also had the parathyroid levels checked in Jan to see if that was the cause and that came back normal at 2.3 (Ref range 1 - 4 ).  If low calcium is to do with parathyroids it is usually when they're damaged after thyroidectomy which I had done ages ago with no problems but I guess they just like to rule things out.

The thing about having too much calcium is that I think it can cause kidney stones, it does say on the leaflet that if taken for long term treatment the doctor should from time to time check calcium levels in blood and take urine samples for kidney function.

Hopefully I am taking enough because I reckon that constipation would be a nightmare on any more (and it's like eating chalk - makes you thirsty) LOL!

Kezkinz xxx
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May 19, 2010, 11:04:43 pm
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I was reading a while ago that low vit d is more prevalent these days becasue we don't venture out wihtout sunscreen so don't get enough rays to make it work. I do tend to do about 1/2hr without before covering up jsut to get it in there

May 20, 2010, 10:13:15 am
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Hi everyone (including my Vitamin d deficient twin who kindly removed my embarrassing bodge!  sp011)

Nice to know there are others out there!  My endo has put me on 4000 ui a day for now (to be retested in 3 months).  My calcium was also low at 2.15 but endo said this will improve once the vitamin d starts to work.

I canít say I have noticed any ill effects from the vit d so far so I guess thatís one good thing!

Does anyone know if the vitamin d or cod liver oil will affect my Levo or t3 absorption?  At the moment I take my levo and one t3 at 7am and them my next t3 and my vitamin d and cod liver oil at 2pm and then by b12 and multivitamin before bed.  Does this sound OK?

Also my endo said that my ďESR (non specific marker for inflammation) is somewhat raised at 24 mm/H, normal is said to be less than 12Ē.  Anyone know what this means?  He said it could be the tail end of a virus but Iíve not had any to my knowledge!

I sometimes get so sick of feeling about 80 years old when I am only 40, but then I read about some of you poor guys who are barely mobile and thank my lucky stars!
Thank you all for your help and support

Love Pincushion x

May 20, 2010, 01:52:12 pm
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Well just been to see my GP about the deficiency and I have to say she was not very clued up on it all! She's a great GP and does actually admit it when she doesn't know the answer to something but this means she wasn't a lot of use to me this morning!

She said doctors don't tend to worry themselves over individual vitamins (  faint5 ) in the way that nutritionists do ... and that vitamin D is the 'hot topic' at the moment. She was honest and said that she couldn't give me any info because she doesnt' know it and can't advise what the vitamin is going to help me with (might as well have stayed at home  #:-S ).

So, she looked through her meds book and found that she can only prescribe vitamin D with calcium but as my calcium levels looked adequate we're both a bit wary of this - I mentioned that I had found D3 from Holland & Barrett so I might go with that so it doesn't effect the calcium levels.

Calicum results, 2.36 & Adjusted Calcium, 2.26 (range 2.15-2.55) - BUT the doc did say that plasma calcium readings are not what's actually going to work in the body, people with osteoporosis will have normal blood readings. Think this fits with what I have been reading that says when vitamin D levels are low the body leaches the calicum from your bones.

She's prescribed me Adcal-3, one tablet a day and I am to see how I go on that - doesn't seem like a very big dose of D to me though, only 400ui a day?  0024 She warned me it might upset my stomach because of the calcium... /:)

Does anyone think it's worth me writing to the endo I saw at Christmas to get his opinion? Or Dr Skinner??!

Pincushion - the ESR can be raised for many reason but it's basically a non-specific indicator of inflamation, mine is usually around 18/20 and never seems lower than that - my mum has arthritis type problems and hers is always around 50. Docs will always say it'll be down to something like a virus or even a tooth infection if it's not raised too high - keep an eye on it, track your levels and see if it changes ot gets higher but essentially I don't think it's anything to worry about.

I would always say leave at least 4 hours between your thyroxine and any other supplements to ensure they don't effect the absorption.

Is your endo prescribing the vitamin D on it's own?

CCB. x
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May 20, 2010, 04:00:41 pm
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I am on Ideos 500mg/400iu Calcium/Vitamin D - 2 tabs daily to be taken at separate times of the day. I get them on prescription.I am also on Fosanance 70mg/2800iu tablet once weekly on prescription.

May 21, 2010, 08:16:11 am
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Hi Cindy

Thanks for your advice.  My endo said he will write to my GP about my vitamin D but meanwhile, to get some from Holland & Barratt because they sell the highest does tablets.  It is good for the tablets Iím taking to contain calcium as that is low too, but I guess that would not suit you.  Mine are 25mcg each (1000 ui) so I only have to take 4 a day.

I donít know what will happen next time I see my GP, but if she is as knowledgeable as yours, probably nothing!  Still at least yours is truthful about it.

I think it might be an idea for you to speak to your endo because as you said, the dosage your GP has put you on is very low and she clearly does not have much knowledge.  Whilst reading about vitamin D, I have heard of people taking 50,000 ui a day so 400 seems almost insignificant.  It would be really annoying to plod on like this for a few months only to find out you have to start again on a larger dose because it has not worked.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon x

May 22, 2010, 02:31:23 pm
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Hi All!

This is the article I read and the one that really inspired me to have my "Vitamin D" tested:

Note that he says that D is the only vitamin that is in fact a hormone!  From what I have read, I do believe that we hypo's largely test on the  low side for Vitamin D.  I did.  I was below range and now take 10,000 IU D3 daily.  I will have another test in July.

Wishing you all a sunny weekend!

Annie x

May 24, 2010, 08:28:31 pm
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Just to wrap this up, my vitamin D came back as 12 (10-50)  GP said he would leave it to the endo to sort out as he did not know quite what to advise!

My calclum was mid range as were my PTH and prolactin.

I am taking 1,000ius a day and seeing an improvement in my knees and arms.


May 27, 2010, 07:14:34 pm
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Hi All

Had my endo appointment on Monday:


Vitamin D = 38 (10-60)
Adj calcium = 2.26
TSH = <0.02 (has to be suppressed - cancer) (0.35-6.0)
T4 = 24.2 (9-26)
T3 = 5.7 (2.8-<7.1)

I'm really pleased, the Adcal is doing the job and I'm feeling better and no change to dosage.

Love Kezkinz xxx
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